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Keynotes – Defining the Future of the Data Center

We all know it’s important to keep up with the day-to-day management of the data center, but it’s also critical to stay informed about what lies over the horizon that might seriously impact your data center’s performance. Data Center World 2021 has three keynotes that you simply can’t miss! Quantum computing? Virtual reality? EMBODIED DATA!? That’s right, the future of the data center will be demonstrated in front of your eyes by leading experts in these fields and more.

Dr. Celia Merzbacher of the Quantum Economic Development Consortium explains how your entire computing ecosystem may change; Toshi Hoo, director of the Emerging Media Lab at the Institute for the Future will dazzle your brain with a demo of virtual reality that makes YOU the computer! And Christina Chase, head of the Sports Lab at MIT, will take real-world sports data and show you how you can improve your data center’s performance like an elite athlete.

The Future of Embodied Computing

Toshi Anders Hoo
Director of the Emerging Media Lab
Institute for the Future

Special Guest: Daniel Berkman
VR Composer

Over the past century, civilization has shifted from a scarcity of information to an overabundance of data. New immersive and ambient interfaces, backed by rapidly evolving intelligent information systems, are enabling new forms of collaborative sensemaking, creating new relationships between our data, ourselves and our world. Toshi Anders Hoo, director of the Emerging Media Lab at the Institute for the Future, explains how, just as previous generations have been shaped by the technologies of their times, we will soon be having conversations, shared ideas, and experiences not possible before, and we will be doing it together, inside of our data. Using virtual reality and augmented reality technologies on stage, Hoo will demonstrate how we will soon have access to simulation technologies that will allow anyone to capture, design, inhabit and share complex data-driven models of the world, both as it already exists, and as it could be – and how this will change the game for data center operations.

Big Data and Teamwork: What Businesses Can Learn from Sports Analytics

Christina Chase
Co-Founder and Managing Director
Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sports Lab

The MIT Sports Lab works with professional teams, global brands, and elite sports organizations to tackle key questions at the intersection of data, sport and engineering. The MIT Sports Lab counts among its clients Major League Baseball, Adidas, FIFA and Google. Christina will share her insights and lessons learned.

Quantum Computing: Preparing for the Data Center of the Future

Dr. Celia Merzbacher
Executive Director
Quantum Economic Development Consortium (QED-C)

We've heard about quantum computing for years, and while it still may be a few years off, it'll be transforming the data center before we know it. When it arrives, quantum computing is expected to transform the data center like no other technology. So, what will it do for the data center? Dr. Celia Merzbacher will explain what we should know now – and what we should do now – to prepare for this transformation.

Data Center Responsibility and Sustainability

Kevin Kent
Founder & CEO 
Critical Facilities Efficiency Solutions

In our first-ever multipart keynote presentation, Data Center World and AFCOM unveil a series of initiatives aimed at improving the data center industry and giving back to the community. First, AFCOM unveils -- in a partnership with Infrastructure Masons and the Inclusive Engineering Consortium -- a capstone educational program for college seniors interested in careers in the data center to help promote the next generation of industry professionals. You'll learn how you can be a part of this important project and potentially have access to dozens of skilled new workers. Then, Kevin Kent of the Data Center Institute takes the stage to unveil AFCOM's own groundbreaking "DEEP Green" certification program during a presentation titled "Data Center Sustainability – Here’s Why It’s the Top Business Priority for 2022." Kent will discuss how consumers have become more aware and interested in environmental issues and demonstrate how sustainability has finally emerged as a top business priority. Then he'll unveil the "DEEP Green" energy efficiency certification program and explain how your company can benefit from it.

Ensuring Security, Data Protection & Customer Trust In Today's Complex Cloud & Data Center Environment

Timothy Rohrbaugh
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Today’s data center ecosystem is more complex than ever, but one issue continues to demand urgent attention – creating and maintaining a secure environment for customer data. While it is tempting to just think of security as a compliance or risk management exercise, today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape demands a new way of thinking about how to keep your systems protected. The escalation from hacking and physical security breaches to more sophisticated attacks from organized criminal enterprises and even nation states has created a renewed sense of urgency. In this keynote Tim Rohrbaugh, Chief Information Security Officer for JetBlue will discuss current security incidents and how to view them as foreshadowing threat scenarios that require us to change our security teams and investments.

The Essential Connection for Optimizing Data Center Strategy

Data Center World delivers expert insight and strategies on the technologies and concepts you need to know to plan, manage, and optimize your data center.

Network With Leading Professionals

Mix and mingle with other leading industry professionals. Data Center World offers more networking opportunities with peer professionals and industry luminaries than any other event of its kind.

Explore Products & Services

Solution providers will be on hand to demonstrate products and services you can compare in real time to help you optimize your data center strategy and make the right decisions for your company.

Learn From Thought Leaders

Improve your data center management skills and stay current with educational sessions, including keynotes, panel discussions, case study presentations and exclusive workshops.

Who Should Attend?

Connect with industry peers who share your technology and business challenges, experts with answers to your questions and technology providers with solutions for your enterprise.

 Our attendees come from all parts of the data center business: 

  • IT Infrastructure/Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Cloud Architects
  • Engineers, Architects, Consultants
  • Operations, Network Security, and Storage Professionals
  • C-Level Executives

NEW: Earn CPEs at Data Center World

(ISC)² CPE Submitter

Earn Continuing Professional Education Credits (CPEs)

We have partnered with (ISC)² to provide our attendees the opportunity to earn CPEs. 1 credit is awarded per 1 hour of security-themed sessions attended, with a maximum of 8 per day. CISSP certification is a globally recognized standard of achievement that confirms an individual’s knowledge in the field of information security. 


NEW: Data Center Startup Challenge

Wednesday, August 18, 3:30pm - 5:00pm

Join us at our inaugural tech startup competition. Companies selected to participate have been developing and/or selling a technology solution that directly impacts the data center or data center professionals, and will be judged by a panel of experts based on several business model and go-to-market criteria. Winners will be chosen by the panel based on their presentations on stage, and presentations will be judged on a clear technology solution, a concise pitch, and the value of technology to the data center industry. Here are the finalists: 

What’s New for Data Center World 2021?

Changes in data center capacity and design that were brought about during the upheaval of 2020 have led to questions about the optimal data center designs for 2021 and beyond. It’s no longer possible to effectively manage a data center without an intimate understanding of advancements in cloud platforms, co-location, edge computing, facilities management, and environmental issues. In fact, the data center is experiencing a transition in definition, where the mere question “what is the data center” is being explored amid changes to its physical makeup. 

  • Case Studies - More than 15 sesions highlighting real-world projects from companies like Tractor Supply Co., Banner Health, Facebook, and Google
  • Conference sessions - Covering essential topics like electrical power and data center design to advanced topics like 5G networks and predictive analytics
  • Presentations and demos on vital security issues like leveraging open source, providing colocation protection, developing advanced frameworks, and establishing physical site security
  • Workshops - four hands-on trainings focused on evaluating and implementing next-generation data center cooling platforms
  • Data Center Startup Challenge - a new contest that pits data center technology startups against each other as judges determine the companies with the best opportunity for success

Solutions For Unprecedented Challenges

As disruptive technologies such as cloud, edge computing and IoT drive rapid change across all sectors, the data center remains at the core of business infrastructure. Data Center World 2021 will feature the most comprehensive look into the latest technologies, trends, and best practices that data center professionals need to navigate the ever-evolving industry. We will be tackling all the major pain points our industry is experiencing on a day-to-day basis, bringing value for every member of your team, regardless of position.

Data Center World is the only industry event that is affiliated with the global AFCOM membership association delivering the best vendor-neutral education, industry-leading speakers, abundant networking, and the broadest access to solution providers. 

Real Answers For Today's Data Center Issues

  • Network with the smartest and most innovative people in the data center industry

  • Access to the latest data center technologies

  • Learn new concepts for managing and expanding your data center that save your company money

  • Learn new efficiencies in energy control that both improve the environment and lower costs

  • Be among the first in the industry to learn about new product launches

  • Learn how to keep costs down as your data center needs and workload expands

Network With A Dedicated, Passionate Community Of Data Center Professionals

Now in its 41st year, Data Center World is the longest running data center conference, perfectly blending decades of experience with insight into current and future strategic issues. 

  • The only large-scale data center conference paired with the AFCOM membership association, ensuring a dedicated audience of passionate professionals who love to network
  • Unprecedented access to expert analysts and consultants from Omdia who can help shape data center strategies

  • Endorsed and supported by the Data Center Institute, the industry’s leading think tank for data center research and strategies
  • Anchored by the much anticipated annual research report “State of the Data Center” with five years of trending industry information
Data Center Institute
Data Center Knowledge

Health and Safety at Data Center World

The Data Center World team is excited to be working on our return to in-person events and we are committed to delivering a safe and robust event for our attendees, exhibitors, and other community members. You can expect to see some new elements at this year’s event, as we implement procedures and best practices to provide for the safety of our community. At the same time, you can count on us to provide the in-depth, expert-led programming we’ve always delivered, and to offer the opportunities you need to network with your peers and explore industry technology providers—all implemented in adherence to our safety principles.