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What's New at Data Center World

We all know it’s important to keep up with the day-to-day management of the data center, but it’s also critical to stay informed about what lies over the horizon that might seriously impact your data center’s performance. To stay ahead, data center professionals must be prepared to manage people, processes, and technologies in new and innovative ways.

Whether you are an industry veteran or new to the market, the learning and networking opportunities at Data Center World will give you the skills and insight that put you at the leading edge of the industry. Data Center World delivers emerging concepts, sound advice and best practices to address today's urgent challenges and help data center leaders stay at the forefront of the industry.

  • The Focus on the Future. It's always amazing to look ahead. But this year we're doing things a bit differently. We'll still look to the future, but this year we'll be discussing practical applications of real technologies! Augmented and virtual reality in the data center? You bet, get ready to put on some VR gear to literally see the future of data center management. Or, want to experience liquid cooling? Get ready to see it on the showroom floor. This year we'll be applying future technologies to modern use-cases! New content and speakers aimed to attract young professionals in the data center industry.
  • Data Centers -- Up close and personal. Have you noticed just how amazing and active the data center industry is today? Mergers, acquisitions, unparalleled growth are all happening in this space. Why is this all happening? Because data centers are really cool! And what better way to experience that coolness than being up close and personal with a real-life data center! Haven't seen one in person yet? This is your chance! We'll be doing site tours with some of the most advanced data centers in the market!
  • An entirely new approach and discussion around sustainability. The discussion around sustainability only continues to evolve. Now more than ever before, entire teams, compensation structures, and even corporate leadership are all focusing on sustainability. Yes, we've discussed this in the past. But this year is different because we'll be discussing real solutions, how sustainability will be impacting your facilities, and new approaches to create a greener future. Get ready to discuss new technologies, sustainable financing, and what future sustainable designs will look like. Natural resources are scarce. For the first time ever, we'll be discussing how we as an industry are focusing on new solutions like water sustainability, power research, new battery solutions, and even nuclear-powered data centers!
  • Sustainable debt, and new investments in the data center industry. Our industry is growing faster than ever before. In one day alone we saw two of the largest mergers ever in the data center space. This year, we're expanding the conversation to a new topic. Sustainable debt, investments, and ESG. This year's conference will have more investors, capital finance leaders, and people who are very interested in learning how sustainable debt will impact the future of the data center industry. Specifically, we'll be discussing which sustainable solutions will make the biggest impact on investments and growth in the data center space. You won't want to miss these conversations!
  • A new focus on careers, networking, and development. The future of the data center is bright, diverse, and inclusive. However, it'll take ALL of you to get to that better place. This year we'll be hearing from, literally, the future of the data center industry. New sessions, workshops, and even internship opportunities will be available at this year's conference. We'll hear what's important, how to get the best talent into the data center space, and -- this the cool part -- we're partnering with schools and universities to make a real difference! You'll hear about all-new programs in schools, how you can get involved, and where you can turn for young and talented people to help fill your data centers!

  • Join the inaugural Omdia Research Forum at Data Center World for a day-long event within an event featuring expert data center and cloud analysts who will lead in-depth sessions covering key trends to watch in 2022 and beyond. The Omdia team of industry veterans turned analysts will shine a light on the key trends and technologies data center operators should care about. Don't miss a direct line into the independent data center and cloud research used by the largest companies in the industry, normally available to subscribing customers only. All Access Pass holders receive access to the Omdia Research Forum held on Monday, March 28.

Discover Solutions Providers

Network with hundreds of data center experts and leading solution providers and uncover all the latest technology must-haves for your company.

Explore the expo floor and meet with vendors exhibiting hundreds of products and services that can help you identify the best technology solutions to improve your data center management strategy. Learn what’s new in the industry and compare your options to ensure that you make the best purchasing decision for your company.

Health & Safety Protocols

The Data Center World team is committed to delivering a safe and robust event for our attendees, exhibitors, and other community members. 

You can expect to see some new elements at our events, as we implement procedures and best practices to provide for the safety of our community. At the same time, you can count on us to provide the in-depth, expert-led programming we’ve always delivered, and to offer the opportunities you need to network with your peers and explore industry technology providers — all implemented in adherence to our safety principles.