Cloud Computing

Cloudy with a Chance of Downtime

Presented by:
Richard Sawyer, Strategist, HP Technical Consulting, HP

Cloud computing is a necessary tool for data center managers; however, there are risks in this technology that should not be overlooked. This presentation reviews the  major risks you take on with cloud computing  and provides a strategic approach to mitigating them. The session includes a detailed discussion of how to develop sound business continuity and disaster recovery plans  that will lower the probability and impact of cloud-related downtime.

Backup is Dead: Introducing the Data Protection Lifecycle

Presented by:
Mark Hadfield, CEO, nScaled

The problems with backup are legion: tape storage, unrealistic backup windows, escalating storage costs, and RTO and RPO that fail to meet business needs. Cloud infrastructure-as-a-service, and the technologies that power it, like virtualization, virtualized storage, snapshotting, de-duplication and WAN optimization, have created an opportunity to radically change how businesses on the cloud can handle backup, disaster recovery and archiving. The Data Protection Lifecycle (DPL) is a new paradigm for managing these services as different phases of a single discipline.

Open Source Power Management Enhances the Cloud

Presented by:
John Collins, Segment Director – Data Centers, Eaton Corporation

The majority of cloud platforms use open source software. Focusing on efficient use of utilities and reduced downtime by power interruptions, open source software provides functions such as rebalance of server loads, application movement upon power outages and avoidance of costly utility charges during peak usage periods. This session discusses the advantages and opportunities available for data center managers through integration of open source power management into the cloud framework.

How to Design a Scalable Private Cloud

Presented by:
Mark Sand, Datacenter Architect, Citrix Systems Inc.

The rapid growth of cloud computing has made it a hot topic of discussion in the industry; however, organizations still have concerns with moving to a public cloud. The private cloud provides a secure, manageable, and cost effective alternative. In this session, attendees will learn how to design and implement all of the technologies required to create a scalable private cloud.

Visibility and Control: Crucial Factors to Cloud Computing Success

Presented by:
Dave Link, President and CEO, ScienceLogic

As data center managers move more of their resources to the cloud, it’s critical they have visibility into and maintain control over their entire IT process – from data centers to cloud computing to virtualized environments. This session will outline how to centrally monitor and manage disparate IT systems; it will highlight tools, strategies and applications to consider when migrating legacy data center resources to the cloud, while maintaining a comprehensive view of performance and data availability across the infrastructure.

Leveraging the Cloud for Effective Development and Test

Presented by:
Steven Weaver, GTM Manager, IBM

Data Centers moving to cloud computing are a key source for IT organizations interested in lowering infrastructure and licensing costs and reducing installation, configuration and maintenance times while increasing the efficiency of their development and test teams. This session looks at development and test workloads that lend themselves particularly well to leveraging the cloud, and offers guidance and best practices in areas such as  large scale load testing, and deployment planning and automation.

Reducing Total Cost of Ownership Through Cloud Technologies

Presented by:
Mike Alexenko, Senior Director, Market Development – Cloud and Mobility, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies

Advances in cloud computing, virtualization and thin provisioning are making enterprises rethink data center infrastructures. New products and services in the cloud are fueling the growth for faster storage solutions and improved I/O performance, so data can be delivered to consumers with zero latency. Economical and operational pressures in the data center to do more with less continue to drive the need for reduced total cost of ownership. From reducing space, power and cooling to leveraging next-generation technologies, data centers are pushing boundaries to make storage more efficient.

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