Data Center World is the leading conference in providing high quality, comprehensive education to data center and facilities management professionals.

    • Built by end-users: Each conference is built in response to input and feedback from end-users, ensuring a superior program of timely and relevant topics. The 2015 Data Center World education program was built using the advise of a new advisory board comprised of end-users, vendors, consultants, and industry stake-holders in the industry. Learn more about the advisory committee below.
    • Comprehensive coverage: Meeting the broad needs of data center and facilities management professionals, the program covers a full range of topics on both the IT and the Facilities side of the house including DCIM, management, facilities, power and cooling, data center builds and design, disaster recovery, security, virtualization, cloud, and colocation. Every speaker guarantee’s that their session will include a minimum of 3 practical, real-life solutions that a data center manager can use to implement in their data center. This year’s educational program is made up of three tracks: Infrastructure Management, Facilities Management, and Energy & Cooling.
    • Vendor-Neutral: All of the sessions are held to strict guidelines to ensure attendees receive top-quality education and not a sales pitch. Unlike other conferences for data center professionals, Data Center World is designed to help you discover the solutions that will be most efficient and cost-effective for you—not just those offered by organizations who have “paid to play.” Learn more about our vendor-neutral approach below.

Learn why no other conference provides a more comprehensive or better quality education program than Data Center World.

    Advisory Board

    Led by the Data Center World Chairman, Tom Roberts, a 25-year data center veteran, the advisory board is comprised of a representative diversity of experience, roles, and responsibilities within the data center ecosystem. The role of the advisory board is to help ensure that the Data Center World educational program meets the wide range of needs within the industry from both the IT and Facilities sides. Members of the board represent end-users, vendors, consultants, and industry stakeholders.

    2015 Advisory Board Members


    Paul Evanko, Bruns-Pak

    Chris Goldstone, Strategic Directions

    Joe Maggio, Integrated Design Group

    Brian Antosh, CHE Trinity Health – end user

    Scott Milliken, Oak Ridge National Laboratory – end user

    Bill Skinner, Bloomberg – end user

    Racheal Barrett, Swanson Rink

    Bev Corwin, Industry Consultant

    Sean Smith, Morrison Hershfield (Toronto)

    Peter Panfil, Emerson


    Data Center Word believes that vendor-neutrality is at the core of high-quality education. Each presenter is required to certify that their presentation will be vendor-neutral.

    The policy of Data Center World is that every attendee has a right to enforce this policy of having no sales pitch within a session by alerting the speaker if they feel the session is not being presented in a vendor neutral fashion. If the issue continues to be a problem, any attendee may also alert Data Center World staff after the session is complete. Any speaker who is found to have not complied with this policy will not be allowed to return again as a speaker for Data Center World.

    Practical Solutions

    We understand that time is money. Taking the time to attend a Data Center World conference must meet your expectations of providing high quality, real-life, practical solutions that you can take back and implement in your data center either today or, where applicable, in the near future. Each session presented is required to provide a minimum of 3 key things that each attendees can choose to implement back in their data center.

    AFCOM Advantage

    This year AFCOM celebrates it’s 35th anniversary. Why is that important to you? Because it means that AFCOM continues to be the industry leader in advancing data center professionals, like yourself, through it products and services. The 2015 Data Center World Global conference exemplifies the excellence that AFCOM has become known for within the industry.

    Beyond the industry’s most comprehensive content and largest trade show, what separates Data Center World most from other conferences are the extras you’ll find as an attendee:

    • Session presenters must provide three key take-aways and certify vendor-neutral content
    • Network online with all attendees—before the conference and beyond—with CONNECTTM
    • An AFCOM Attendance Certificate recording each of the sessions where you gained valuable knownledge
    • The Data Center Manager of the Year Award—an additional networking venue
    • Our friendly, knowledgeable and responsive staff
    • Hosted by AFCOM President Tom Roberts, data center professional for 25+ years

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