Data Center Manager of the Year

AFCOM’s Data Center Manager of the Year Award

AFCOM’s Data Center Manager of the Year Award recognizes outstanding leadership and excellence in the field of data center and facilities management over the course of a career. The recipient of this award will have long-standing evidence of commitment to excellence, a proven history of innovation, commitment to superior customer service, proven leadership of a positive team environment, and a history of giving back to the overall data center community.

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Deadline for submission: NOW CLOSED

Specific Nomination Criteria: In each category, nominees will receive a 1 – 10 score (10 being the highest) on the five categories listed below. The weighted total will determine the overall winner of the Data Center Manger of the Year Award. Nominees can either be currently working in the data center space, have a long-tenure in the data center space and/or have retired after a long-tenure in the data center space.

1. Tenure of Excellence – 40%

Tenure of excellence is defined as proven longevity of success determined by superior execution of managing process, technology, financials, projects, efficiency, and demand. A candidate will be judged based on a proven track record of ongoing improvements within their data center in one or more of the categories of process, technology, financials, projects, efficiency or demand. They must have a history of proven recognition of excellence which will be based on history of internal or external recognition, as well as enhancement in responsibilities and/or title.

2. History of Innovation – 20%

AFCOM values creativity and ingenuity as a core value that drives growth within the data center. Innovation involves taking responsible risk, willingness to change, and learning from mistakes. A candidate will be judged based on specific examples of creativity, how they mitigated risk, and how they effectively learned from mistakes to drive a better outcome.

3. Superior Customer Service – 20%

Meeting or exceeding the needs of either internal or external customers ultimately becomes core to the success of a data center. Candidates will be judged based on examples provided of efficiency, physical and network security, effectiveness of DR plans, zero down-time, and ability to scale and carry needed load.

4. Positive Team Environment – 10%

As perhaps the softer side of the business, developing a positive team culture positions a department well for growth and sustainability. Candidates will be judged based on one or more testimonials from superiors, colleagues, or team members on the positive team environment created by the candidate.

5. Community Focus – 10%

AFCOM’s primary mission is to serve its community of data center and facilities professionals. The ideal candidate will have several examples of ways they have given back to the data center community through activities such as service on boards, mentoring, and participation in AFCOM, Data Center World, or other industry related associations aimed at advancing data center professionals.

Award Reception

AFCOM’s Data Center Manager of the Year will be announced during a special luncheon at the Data Center World Conference. Final schedule coming soon.


An elite panel of judges, including editors from industry publications, previous Data Center Manager of the Year Award recipients, and AFCOM executives will select the winner. In order to remain unbiased, the name and company of every nominee will be eliminated from submission materials before being sent to the judges. Judging will be based on a point system. The nominees with the top three scores will be named as finalists.


Three finalists will be notified, letting them know that they are in contention for the Data Center Manager of the Year award and will be recognized with their picture and short bio on the Data Center World website and in AFCOM’s newsletter, the Communique. AFCOM will provide a complimentary Standard Full Conference registration, one round-trip coach airline ticket* and hotel accommodations for one night for the three finalists to attend the event. During the award ceremony, Tom Roberts, President of AFCOM will reward each finalist with a framed certificate of recognition.


The winner of this prestigious award will be given an award with a name plate. He/she will be interviewed and highlighted in the Communique and the July/August issue of AFCOM’s official magazine, Data Center Management, and automatically placed on the panel of judges for next year’s Data Center Manager of the Year Award.

Submission Form

If you or someone you know would be an excellent candidate for AFCOM’s Data Center Manager of the Year Award, please fill out form below. Submissions will be accepted through February 9, 2015.


 * Airline tickets domestically within the United States not to exceed $500; special international considerations will be made at the discretion of AFCOM. 



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