Data Center Management Track



1. DR/BC 2. Capacity Planning 3. Finance for the DC Manager
4. IT & Facility Convergence 5. IT (Data) Security 6. IT Asset Management
7. Monitoring 8. Risk Assessments & Audits


DCM 1.1: Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery
Avoiding Data Center Disasters: What Professionals Need to Know
Presented by: Jim Nelson, President, BCS & Chairman of the Board

The data center manager and the disaster recovery/business continuity professional spend a lot of time and energy ensuring that the data center facility is available, protected and operating at its peak performance in a 7x24x365 environment. This presentation is loaded with thought-provoking tips, suggestions and ideas that can be applied immediately by attendees to their own data center facilities. This presentation is appropriate for all sizes of data centers and experience levels. A risk tool will also be provided to attendees to assess their own environments.

Tuesday, 10/1, 3:10–4:00pm – Room: Grand 1-3

DCM 1.2: Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery
Ensuring Business Continuity as Technology Evolves in our Hostile World

Presented by: Paul Belk, Director, Technical Product Management , Symantec Corporation

As your data center evolves, you are virtualizing more applications and adopting various cloud-like architectures to increase efficiency, reduce cost and automate operations. However, there are inherent risks these technologies introduce that must be taken into account and most tools only protect individual components of your environment. Additionally, there are a multitude of threats ranging from common system outages and human errors, to wide scale events including cyber attacks and natural disasters that can take your business off-line. In this session we will discuss best practices and comprehensive strategies for keeping your entire data center business resilient, highly available and fully protected against today’s threats while you deploy new technologies and evolve your data center.

Tuesday, 10/1, 4:10–5:00pm – Room: Chicago/Denver

DCM 1.3: Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery
How Do I Find the Right Provider for My DR Needs?

Presented by: Jake Sherrill, CEO, Tier 4 Advisors

This session will explain how to find the right provider for your DR needs, no matter where in the world you are located. You will learn when and where to “pull strings” during negotiations, and in which areas a small-enterprise company can save by using a boutique vs. a tier 1 provider in the US, Asia, S.America, Europe, or anywhere else for that matter.

Tuesday, 10/1, 3:10–4:00pm – Room: Anaheim

DCM 2.1: Capacity Planning
Get Smart: High Availability, Dynamic Capacity, Superior Efficiency

Presented by: Blake Carlson, Vice President, Global Strategy & Business Development, Emerson

In an ideal world, you could stay one step ahead of business needs. You can…by creating your own “crystal ball” of data center performance and availability. This session will provide the steps for assessing and configuring your infrastructure systems to deliver higher availability, better efficiency and improved planning. The results will facilitate collaboration across IT and facilities and help you proactively manage capacity based on real-time information, optimize energy efficiency, eliminate stranded capacity, identify and rectify issues before they affect operations, and more.

Monday, 9/30, 12:40–1:30pm – Room: Grand 9-11

DCM 3.1: Finance for the DC Manager
Addition by Subtraction: Increase Your Effectiveness by Reducing Your Data Center

Presented by: Ed Hayman, Head TBM Architect, Apptio

Consolidating data centers can be one of the best ways for significant and lasting cost reduction. But many organizations don’t have a good understanding of the total cost of a data center including all real estate, power and cooling costs. As CIOs and data center managers look to optimize their cost structure, they should fully understand the cost to operate and maintain each data center (per sq foot, per rack unit, and/or per BTU) and consider shifting resources, consolidating data centers or colocating to less expensive space.

Wednesday, 10/2, 9:00–9:50am – Room: Chicago/Denver

DCM 4.1: IT & Facility Convergence
8 Essential Steps to a Modern Data Center

Presented by: Fred Moscone, Territory Sales Manager, Nutanix

With today’s data centers becoming increasingly complex and costly to maintain, architects are quickly approaching “MVP” status. Many data centers have come to rely on multiple generations of products, across separate networks, servers and storage silos. Management is not nearly as costly as upgrading and scaling affordably. To keep pace with dynamic business requirements, data centers must be able to quickly accommodate new applications, support more users, and leverage technology advances for better performance and scale. This session will focus on the eight essential steps needed to build and maintain a modern data center.

Wednesday, 10/2, 8:00–8:50am – Room: Grand Salon 1-2

DCM 5.1: IT (Data) Security
Data Center Evolution Impacts Data Protection

Presented by: Paul Nashawaty, Director, Product Marketing & Alliances, Unitrends

For IT professionals tasked with data protection, the goal is the same today as it always has been: to secure mission-critical environments and the data housed within them. However, with the increased adoption of virtualization, the means to the end has dramatically changed. The need to protect consolidated assets has rendered many traditional backup and recovery solutions ineffective in virtual environments. In this presentation, Paul Nashawaty, Unitrends’ director of product marketing & alliances, will outline how today’s environments differ from traditional data centers, as well as how to evolve data protection strategies for a heterogeneous IT ecosystem.

Monday, 9/30, 9:40–10:30am – Room: Grand Salon 12-14

DCM 5.2: IT (Data) Security
Risk Management & Compliance for Data Security

Presented by: Cindy Miller, Managing Director, Product Management, LifeSpan

Offline data security is often overlooked.  Busy data center staff often are not aware of all the compliance and security risks when moving, storing, or decommissioning devices.  Join this fast- paced review of different system types and technologies (such as storage arrays, servers, routers), and the risks associated with each.  You will also learn about all regulatory and compliance standards  that you may have thought do not apply to your company or data center.  We’ll then provide some easy solutions and a checklist to ensure that you minimize risks without creating extra work.

Wednesday, 10/2, 10:00–10:50am – Room: Chicago/Denver

DCM 6.1: IT Asset Management
IT Asset Management: The Foundation for DCIM

Presented by: Stuart Hallin, Infrastructure Management Consultant, Cormant, Inc.

Implementing a DCIM solution is not a massive, one-time task. This session will explore how an organization’s use of DCIM will mature over time. It will explore how providing accurate IT Asset Management (ITAM) positively affects DCIM deployment and upkeep. Special attention will be paid to how ITAM is the necessary foundation of successful DCIM adoption.

Monday, 9/30, 10:40–11:30am – Room: Grand Salon 4-6

DCM 7.1: Monitoring
Proactive Data Center Management Through Analytics

Presented by: Dan Mascola, Manager of Energy Efficiency Strategies, Vigilent

There’s no replacement for an experienced, intuitive data center facilities professional. Still, most would prefer having to react to a 2 a.m. alarm from a desktop rather than having to physically respond. New technology providing highly granular floor monitoring and automated responses within pre-determined thresholds will vastly reduce these early morning calls. This presentation walks through the options and the resulting analytics that help data center managers fine-tune operations, prevent hotspots, and respond instantly and remotely before PUE or thermal boundaries are exceeded.

Tuesday, 10/1, 9:00–9:50am – Room: Grand Salon 9-11

DCM 7.2: Monitoring
The Convergence of Facilities and Data Center Management

Presented by: David Connors, Director of Accounts, DRAWBASE Software; Evan Kontos, Director of Project Management, DRAWBASE Software

Today, organizations must leverage the management of traditional facility management infrastructure with the expanding role of a data center and IT infrastructure requirements. This session is designed to address the convergence of the two in a single view that will assist in driving down real estate and IT operational costs while maximizing operational efficiencies.

Monday, 9/30, 9:40–10:30am – Room: Grand Salon 9-11

DCM 8.1: Risk Assessments & Audits
How to Assess Downtime Risks in Data Center Facilities

Presented by: David Boston, President, David Boston Consulting

Critical data center facilities are designed with significantly reliable electrical and cooling systems. Although these facilities are expected to perform well for 20 or more years, unexpected downtime events happen over the life of the building. . Drawing on 17 years of critical facility assessment experience, the presenter will recommend specific strategies which owners may employ to successfully evaluate their facilities systems and operations risks and system capacity limitations. Session participants will also have the opportunity to describe unique concerns and request recommended solutions.

Tuesday, 10/1, 4:10–5:00pm – Room: Grand Salon 4-6

DCM 8.2: Risk Assessments & Audits
Risky Business: Finding the Right Answer When it Comes to Risk Management Planning for Your Data Center

Presented by: Joseph Reele, Vice President, Data Center Solution Architect, Schneider Electric

It’s not a matter of if, but when your data center will experience some type of infrastructure failure during its lifecycle. Your preparedness and risk management/change management plan will determine what impact this will or will not have on your business. This presentation will discuss incorporating risk management planning from the data center design stage straight through to operating and maintaining the facility.  There is no right answer, but there is a right plan, and having this plan in place is vital to your uptime and your bottom line.

Monday, 9/30, 1:40–2:30pm – Room: Grand Salon 9-11


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